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ETHOS Youth Group

Where - Rumsey Forge @ RTC  

WhenWednesdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Come join us hang out with your friends, enjoy worship and interactive teaching time!

Taking the field at paintball Creeping through the paintball fields... stay low, and keep your head down! Friday Night Lights- Our annual AHS vs. THS flag football game Friday Night Lights- Our annual AHS vs THS flag football game



Ethos is a little bit... different.  We're not into huge numbers... we're into doing life.  Whether its flag football, brutal rugby-soccer, crazy games, beach days, slip and slide parties, manhunt and paintball, or just simply sitting around a firepit telling stories and making fun of each other- this is a group where you're going to be noticed and going to make memories!


We want YOU to come join ETHOS!!  



Ethos Student Ministry exists to work alongside parents to teach youth to live significant lives for Christ, while growing and finding ways to serve others. 

Your Ethos is your code.  It's your character.  It's what you stand for and what you believe in.  The focus of Ethos Student Ministry is to help our students build that biblical character and that code which will guide their whole lives.

This is Ethos okay, so this is a little more like Ethos! We like heights... We like challenges... Good Friends, Good Times, Good Livin' Working together Helping each other out

S u m m e r  C a m p s!

Ethos Student Ministry attended our 4th annual Summer Youth Camp this year!  There's just something about the mountains, and this year we headed back to the mountains of Tennessee!  It was an amazing week of intense worship, late nights, high ropes, and adventure in some ice-cold whitewater!  We made friends, made this family stronger, and learned that no matter what happens in life, we always have Something to Hold On To!

Jared, Cuppy, and Jules... and they all have paintball guns... this is gonna get messy...


P a i n t b a l l !

If there's one thing we love at Ethos, it's getting out and getting dirty and having a great time! In the springtime, you'll find us at the paintball fields, making friends and spraying them with paint!! 

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*All of our Children's Ministry volunteers are Federally background checked and screened